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Cameroonian Women Call for an Inclusive Government

In Cameroon, thousands of women held events to mark International Women’s Day and protesting their lack of political power in the country. The women, joined by rights groups, note all of Cameroon’s most powerful offices are held by men and there are only 11 female ministers, out of a 63-person Cabinet, and not even one female regional president or governor. In Cameroon’s capital, hundreds of women gathered Monday for International Women’s Day sang that all across the world women are longing to be free. Women no longer want to be in the shadows or forced to stay behind, they sing, but want to be side by side in true equality with men. Cameroon Women’s Peace Movement’s Mumah Bih Yvonne said their protest is part of events to mark Women’s Day.  She said many Cameroonian women are more qualified and professional than men, yet few are in leadership.