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Cameroonian Company Creates a Veterinary Counseling App

It’s designed to help farmers and ranchers who live far away from veterinarians to detect animal diseases and give them guidance online. Cameroonian rabbit breeder Thierry Bayabon lost three-quarters of his stock to disease a few months ago. Like most small-scale Cameroonian farmers, he was not familiar with diseases that affect animals. To help breeders like Bayabon avoid such costly losses, a Cameroonian startup designed the free online application, Veto. The app analyzes audio questions about symptoms, gives treatment advice, and helps breeders and ranchers share information. It also allows them to send photos and videos to actual veterinarians, like Mangoua Cédrick, for analysis. The Veto app’s main challenge is that it requires an internet connection, which is expensive and hard to come by in Cameroon’s remote villages. The app’s developers say they are working on the problem so it can be useful to more people raising livestock. While the veterinary diagnostic app has connection limitations, its practical use is not limited to Cameroon, or even West Africa. The Veto app is currently available in Cameroon’s official languages — French and English — and also in Arabic and Swahili.