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Cameroonian Chef Christian Abégan: ‘Africa Should Reconsider Its Place in the Culinary World’ 

A tireless promoter of African cuisine around the globe, Cameroonian chef Christian Abégan understands the importance of culinary heritage, and he’s on a mission to teach the world about it. Concerned that chemical processing and quick fixes undermine traditional recipes and thereby distort perceptions of regional cuisines, he has been an outspoken advocate for the preservation of original cooking methods to enhance health and the world’s perception of African cuisine. “We need to codify in a way that allows young people to have a basis for creation so that in the coming years they can decide which gastronomic route to take. This should be based on local products, without distorting the local cuisine’s DNA. This work must be carried out with scientists, the sector’s players, chefs, anthropologists, etc. so that a roadmap of permanent preservation can be created.”