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Calvinia residents

Calvinia Community Takes Stand Against Drugs

CAPE TOWN – The Calvinia community have come together to take a stand against crime and drugs.

On Sunday night, a fairly large group of residents marched to several drug dens in the town with police, demanding that the drug dealers leave the area.

Community member Selvin Theys said that residents have just had enough.

He said that they rallied residents together via WhatsApp.

“We want to clean up our community. We had a march and went to the houses and closed down one house. Police took the guys away that came from Cape Town – they were accommodated by a local guy, in his house.”

Theys said that the community action would continue on Monday.

“We’re going back to that same place as well as some other local guys who are also selling drugs and stuff. We as the community of Calvinia, say that this is the end.”