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Cairo’s Plan to Regain Visitors

Terror attacks and security unrest in Egypt since the step-down of the Muslim brotherhood in 2013, consequently panned the Upper Egyptian province of Minya from the international tourism map. Now, after security is under control, and the Egyptian police are in full power to secure each footstep in Minya, the Egyptian government decided to bring Minya back to Egypt’s international tourism map. The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities now is continuing their excavation projects and restoration of sanctified sites that the holy family visited when they fled Israel out of fear of persecution by King Herod in Minya. Among the findings, more than 10,000 Ushabti figurines shaped from green and blue faience, most of which are engraved with the titles of the deceased at the Al-Ghoreifa area, Tuna El-Gabal archaeological site, in Minya, Egypt.


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