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Cabinet, MPs Accused Of Not Doing Enough To Curb Gender-Based Violence

Cabinet, MPs Accused Of Not Doing Enough To Curb Gender-Based Violence

Members of Parliament and the Cabinet have been accused of not doing enough to curb gender-based violence.

MPs on Tuesday held another debate of national importance on femicide and the abuse of women.

Some members of the National Assembly have acknowledged they haven’t done enough in terms of legislation.

While the debate took place virtually, hundreds of young people gathered outside Parliament to protest against gender-based violence.

Inside the chamber and virtually, MPs debated the matter.

EFF MP Veronica Mente, who sponsored the debate, said that it could not be business as usual for both Parliament and government.

“We brought it to the attention of this House because we sincerely believe that all of the state, particularly the legislative arm are fiddling while Rome is burning. We brought this topic back here because we are women.”

DA whip Natasha Mazzone pointed out that the number of gender-based violence reports went up during the lockdown and she stated that women were not safe anywhere.

“The number of gender-based violence crimes has risen 500% since the start of the COVID-19 lockdown. Lifeline SA national executive director Molefi Takalo said that the number of distress calls went up from 12,000 to almost 80,000 since the first week of the lockdown. There is absolutely no place in South Africa where a woman or a girl is safe.”