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By 2050, the Green Hydrogen Economy Might Contribute 3.6% to GDP

According to President Cyril Ramaphosa, the green hydrogen economy plays an important role in producing clean energy and could add 3.6% to GDP by 2050.

Ramaphosa further stated that if green hydrogen is correctly utilized, it has the potential to produce over 300,000 employment in the country.

On Monday, Ramaphosa spoke at the South African Green Hydrogen Summit 2023 in Cape Town, where international investors and energy leaders gathered.

According to Ramaphosa, green hydrogen has the ability to boost the country’s economy while simultaneously benefiting the environment by creating clean energy.

Green hydrogen is produced by flowing electric currents through fluid or water, a process that is totally driven by renewable energy and produces no emissions.

“It is estimated that the hydrogen economy will add 3.6% to our GDP by 2050 and create approximately 370, 000 jobs.” This will be no easy task in South Africa, where jobs are scarce and unemployment is extremely high.”