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Business Powering The National Grid To Deal With Energy Crisis

The Western Cape has seemingly been at the forefront of pushing for speedy and radical progress when it comes to getting to grips with the country’s energy crisis.

Energy analysts say they’ve seen a huge increase in businesses generating their own energy, which lightens the load on the national grid. 

More options and incentives are available to businesses. 

“The finance sector has really developed options for businesses to procure new energy that requires no capital investment from them, for example we have what is called a power purchase agreement the service provided will own the system,” said Argon Poorun, an energy analyst.

“You just pay for the energy that is provided at a reduced rate. An example is the Atlantis foundry in Cape Town that is a 14 megawatt size reducing their energy cost by 20 percent and that is on a power purchase agreement. There are no capital investments.”

He says that by investing in alternative energy, the private sector is doing its share in contributing to economic growth.