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Burundi’s List of Olympic Games is Constantly Growing

Badminton is relatively new to the east African country but it is quickly gaining ground. The country’s badminton federation has just completed training for tutors, sports teachers and players. This is part of the Shuttle Time project which aims to develop the sport in schools. Badminton has been in Burundi for some time but remains unknown to many. A lull in actiities by the federation also hurt the sport. Officials hope to start a national league as part of efforts to grow interest in badminton. “We have set the objective that by 2024, we will have trained at least 100 physical education teachers from 100 selected schools on the national territory. We will design at least 200 fields in all these schools. We hope within 4 years to have trained at least ten thousand players in badminton,” said the Burundi Badminton Federation president Francois Ndondo.