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Burkina Faso’s Former Minister of Transport Jailed for Financial Crimes

Vincent Dabilgou was sentenced by the Ouagadougou High Court to eleven years in prison, seven of them firm, for “embezzlement of public funds” to the tune of 1.7 million euros, “illicit enrichment” and “money laundering”, AFP has learned from judicial sources. He will also have to pay a fine of 4.7 million euros and the activities of his party have been suspended. Four other people, including two of Mr. Dabilgou’s former colleagues at the Ministry of Transport, also received prison sentences ranging from six to eleven years and heavy fines. The court also ordered the confiscation of the former minister’s assets, in the amount of the sums embezzled to the Treasury and declared him ineligible for five years. Mr. Dabilgou was a minister from 2018 to 2022, under the presidency of Roch Marc Christian Kaboré, overthrown by a putsch in January 2022.