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Building Modern Cross-border Payments Infrastructure and Tools for Africa

Founded in 2022 by Joshua Tebepina, CEO, and Arepade Peremi, CTO, Bingtellar enables swift and cost-effective cross-border transactions into or across Africa for diaspora, freelancers, remote teams, international contractors, and businesses. At the heart of Bingtellar’s solution is the integration of stablecoins and DeFi to local payment networks, such as mobile money wallets and bank accounts, supported by efficient on/off ramps and institutional market makers. Bingtellar originated from the personal experiences of its co-founders, who faced first-hand challenges with the inefficiencies of the existing financial system for cross-border transactions in Africa. While platforms like PayPal, Western Union, and Wise have made attempts to address these challenges globally, Tebepina said they come with “drawbacks” and are not tailored to effectively serve African users.