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Building Africa’s Research Capability

The continent continues to lag behind other regions in research output. Less than 1% of the world’s research is produced in Africa. Investment in the capacity to do health-related research is not yet adequate. But this is gradually changing. One example is the African Institutions Initiative, a pan-African consortium that seeks to develop institutional capacity for research. Other investments have been made through the DELTAS Africa programme. The programme aims to produce researchers who can publish and lead locally relevant research to make an impact on health science, policy and practice. Another example is the Human Heredity and Health in Africa consortium, which empowers African researchers to be competitive in genomic science. The Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa has been successful in building high-level capacity for research related to public and population health in Africa. It is making a contribution to the emergence of a vibrant African academy able to lead world-class multidisciplinary research that makes a positive impact on health. The growing number of articles published by CARTA fellows contributes to improved health research output of African academic and research institutions.