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British University to Return Benin Bronze to Nigeria ‘Within Weeks’

Although there has been a great deal of talk surrounding the repatriation of African artworks looted by colonial powers, it now appears that one such return is about to happen.  As early as next week, the University of Aberdeen plans to return to Nigeria one of the Benin Bronzes, a sculpture of the ruler of the Kingdom of Benin. The British Museum, which holds hundreds of the sculptures, has alongside several other museums formed a Benin Dialogue Group to discuss displaying them in Benin City, some officially on loan. It has said discussions are ongoing. Germany is in talks to send back 440 Benin Bronzes as early as the autumn, according to newspaper reports, while the University of Cambridge’s Jesus College said it had finalised approvals in December to return another Bronze. Tijani said U.S. museums had also agreed to return two more Bronzes.