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British Activist Wants Same Help Given to Ukrainians Offered to Sudanese Fleeing Civil War

One of the architects of Britain’s Homes for Ukraine scheme is calling on the government to replicate the programme for refugees from Sudan. Dr Krish Kandiah, the director of the Sanctuary Foundation, which was instrumental in matching many British hosts with Ukrainian refugees, said he wanted the country to show the “same generosity of spirit” to those fleeing war in Sudan as it did to Ukrainians. Within days of proposing the idea online, more than 100 people have formally registered with the organisation as being willing to host Sudanese families escaping the civil war. The Sanctuary Foundation is also proposing that the family visa scheme set up for Ukrainian relatives of people already living in Britain should be emulated for Sudan. Many expatriate Sudanese families living in Britain are worried for their relatives and want the opportunity to open up their homes.