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Bringing Informal Retailers in Africa into the Digital Economy

Kenyan startup MarketForce, an end-to-end retail distribution platform for consumer brands, has announced the strategic acquisition of Digiduka. Launched in 2018, MarketForce enables consumer brands to optimise how they deliver essential goods and services to retailers and consumers by bridging the information gap in last mile distribution, while maximising efficiency across the sales and distribution value chain. The startup’s platform leverages mobile devices by enabling field agents to record all customer interactions as they happen in the field, and then aggregates this data and presents it through live web dashboards. The acquisition of Digiduka by MarketForce will see the two startups combine their offerings in search of quicker scale. The deal accelerates the integration of financial services into RejaReja and consolidates two businesses that share a common goal of providing an all-inclusive digital commerce platform for informal retailers in Africa. The entire Digiduka team joins MarketForce.