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Bringing Door-to-door Delivery in Mozambique

Self-funded startup Cliko is slowly clocking up the customers. Conceived by its founders in 2017 at Startup Weekend Beira, Cliko launched in September 2018, providing customers with access to an online delivery service, working primarily with restaurants and supermarkets. “In our province, most people have busy schedules. Some people work and study at the same time, other people have jobs and also their own company. During the day people don’t have time to buy stuff and do other simple things like go to the bank,” said Paulo Rinze, chief executive officer (CEO) at Cliko. Cliko helps with this by connecting users with its motorcycle drivers, who make deliveries door-to-door based on orders made through its website. Self-funded from inception, it is surviving on its own revenues after steady growth. It currently has over 1,200 users making an average of 34 orders daily.