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Bringing Back the Dodo 

A $1 billion US-based startup trying to bring back the iconic dodo bird from extinction has partnered with a conservation nonprofit in Mauritius to ensure the species has a sustainable home for rewilding once it succeeds. Colossal Biosciences has signed an agreement with Mauritian Wildlife Foundation to help bring back the dodo from extinction. “The dodo, a bird intimately woven in the DNA of Mauritius, is also sadly iconic for the role mankind played in its extinction. It also symbolizes efforts to prevent species extinctions,” said Vikash Tatayah, conservation director at the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. The dodo became extinct in the 17th Century, around 100 years after it was first discovered. The agreement comes about 10 months after Colossal Biosciences announced its plans to help revive and rewild the flightless dodo, which was native to Mauritius. According to the partnership agreement signed by Colossal Biosciences and the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, they will also work on the genetic rescue of the pink pigeon. There are roughly 500 of them left in Mauritius, and the birds are threatened from a lack of genetic diversity.