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Brazilian Treats Influenced by Africa

Brazil, a country with the largest population of Afro descendants outside of Africa, has lots to do to fuel your curiosity. This Latin American nation offers a vibrant Afro-Brazilian culture which tourists can explore and learn more about. Of course while in Rio or Salvador, relaxing at the beach, visiting traditional tourist sites, and partying are a must. But, eating great Afro-Brazilian sweets can also be a delicious experience, due to the abundance of coconut, corn and of course, sugar. But make no mistake, each sweet treat has its own unique flavor, and the all are very different from each other. Mungunzá is a sweet that combines white corn, coconut porridge, coconut milk, cinnamon, white or brown sugar. Invented by Afro-Brazilians from the state of Bahia, its origins resemble a famous dish from the Cape Verde islands, West Africa.