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Botswana Records More Mysterious Deaths of Elephants

Wildlife experts in Botswana are doing a flyover of the Okavango Delta after the discovery of at least five more mysterious elephant deaths.  Experts have not ruled out a waterborne bacteria that was found to have killed more than 330 elephants last year and at first baffled experts. Regional Wildlife Coordinator, Dikamatso Ntshebe said his office received reports of five dead elephants in the Moremi Game Reserve. The reserve is located within the Okavango Delta. Ntshebe said the animals were collapsing, knees first. Some carcasses are fresh while others are two weeks old. Ntshebe ruled out poaching as the elephant’s tusks were still intact. The Department of Wildlife and National Parks was expected to comb the area possibly for more carcasses. Ntshebe said they will collect samples to determine the cause of death. Last year, a mass die-off affected 330 elephants in the Delta, with prolonged investigations concluding that natural toxins were to blame. However, wildlife experts said there could be links between the recent deaths and those from last year.