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Botswana Hopes to Replicate South Africa’s Coal-to-liquids Technology

Ideas of exploration of liquified gas have become prevalent in the conversation surrounding Africa’s energy sector. The Southern African nation of Botswana is the latest country to throw its name in this hat. The country is seeking to secure funding partners for a $2.5 billion plant to produce synthetic fuels from coal. Botswana is the world’s second-largest producer of diamonds, and it plans to add energy to its list of valuable exports by increasing its energy mix to almost 40% renewables by 2036. The Botswanan minister of minerals and energy disclosed in an interview that since Russia invaded Ukraine, Europe has extended its search for energy in Africa. He said Look at Europe, who are sending vessels coming down to Africa to get coal. There’s no moving away just like that.” However, the western continent has remained hesitant in funding energy programs that have to do with fossil fuels. Instead, they emphasize the importance of cleaner energy alternatives. As a result, African oil producers have begun considering the exploration of said cleaner energy sources, while maximizing their current explorations.SOURCE: BUSINESS INSIDER