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Boosting Digital Skills for the African Entrepreneur

Nigerian ed-tech startup W3tutor is committed to helping people acquire digital skills, both through its online courses and a concerted offline effort. Founded in February 2016 by Prince Kwekowe, W3tutor offers a host of online courses on all kinds of digital skills, including programming, artificial intelligence and graphic design. Currently, the platform has over 6,000 registered students who take courses online on the platform, and this number is swiftly growing. But W3tutor is seeking true scale by also building a strong offline presence. Aside from its online courses, the self-funded W3tutor also facilitates offline lessons between tutors and students. Around 900 students have participated in offline training sessions in the last 10 months, with the startup targeting all the major Nigerian cities. The startup makes money from the sale of premium online courses and the offline training, and is generating enough to easily cover its costs and steady growth. Yet scaling in a meaningful way is expensive.