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Bokashi Food Waste Collection Service Diverts Food Waste From Landfill

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Earth Probiotic, who pioneered the bokashi composting system in South Africa 10 years ago, are now offering a bokashi food waste collection service.

“While you’ve probably heard of composting, possibly you’ve heard of food waste composting as well. If you haven’t, using and Earth Bokashi system you are able to, yes at home, compost all your food waste,” says Gavin Heron cofounder.

While many people in South Africa and around the world use a bokashi food waste composting system, perhaps you are one of those people who — while you’d like to do the right thing and stop feeding your food waste to a landfill — can’t get your head around the idea of composting your food waste at home.

Earth Probiotic will provide you with an Earth Bokashi composting bin and 1kg of Earth Bokashi (this is the essential inoculant to get the process working). They will then collect your bin, replace it with a clean sanitised one, and restock you with Earth Bokashi.  The contents of your full bin will be either processed through a vermicomposting or commercial composting operation (not sent to a landfill!).

“How do you benefit from this service? Firstly, you will no longer have to worry about a smelly fly infested wheelie bin (which is probably attracting rats). Secondly, if there’s a delay in collecting your bin you won’t need to worry as it won’t contain rotting food. Thirdly, you’re recycling the last recyclable!” says Heron. 

Finally, you’re helping the environment. When food waste is sent to a landfill it produces methane (a greenhouse gas which is a twenty-two times more powerful than carbon-dioxide), rots and smells while attracting flies and rats, and also pollutes water sources.

The Earth Bokashi system is easy, non-smelly and can process all food waste including cooked and uncooked meat, bones, egg shells, seafood, dairy; basically anything that comes out of your kitchen.

The Earth Bokashi collection service is currently available for specific suburbs in Johannesburg including Moodie Hill, Morningside Extension 40, Duxberry, Riverclub, Parkmore, Sunninghill, Fairlands and Killarney/Riviera. More Johannesburg suburbs will come on board as the programme rolls out.

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