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Bespoke Medical Care for Nigeria’s Underserved

With hospitals in the Nigerian capital under increasing strain amid the coronavirus pandemic, a private medical service has been providing health care at home for some patients with the disease. PrivateMD’s team of professionals, equipped with portable medical devices and a couple of ambulances, have been cutting through Lagos traffic to treat people in their homes. One of their patients is Maricar Tajo, a 46-year-old from the Philippines who moved to Nigeria in 2007 for work. Tajo was resuscitated in a hospital intensive care unit two weeks ago, where she’d fallen unconscious after her oxygen saturation levels dropped. Now, she is receiving treatment at home from PrivateMD. A section of her apartment has been transformed into a private ward, with oxygen canisters and a mobile oxygen concentration machine. PrivateMD’s medical treatments for COVID-19 can range in price from $260 to over $13,000. The company has, however, set up a scheme in which a percentage of their earnings go towards a pool, in an effort to make their services more affordable to those in need.