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Bespoke Destinations to Explore in Africa

Limpopo is named after the Limpopo River that flows through the province and borders Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. It’s home to the Unesco World Heritage Site of Mapungubwe, South Africa’s first kingdom and is the only region in South Africa that was a Queendom with a 400-year-old matrilineal. Limpopo offers stunning landscapes, among them the majestic Waterberg Mountain range, lush forests and breathtaking views. The province is also a safari destination where the Big Five can be seen. It has plenty to offer travellers looking for new experiences and eager to learn about the culture. For the foodie, Limpopo is known for its avocados, mangoes and citrus, among many other delicious fruits, and there are also plenty of dairy farms where you can purchase only the best organic products.