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Bespoke African Dining Hall Alkebulan Debuts at Expo 2020 Dubai, Celebrating the Continent’s Vibrant Cuisine and Eclectic Culture

Curated by chef Alexander Smalls, an African food hall at Dubai’s Expo 2020 offers a smorgasbord of cuisines from across the African continent. As part of the broader mission of Expo 2020 to engage visitors in creating a better and more diverse world, the African food hall, dubbed Alkebulan, presents an enormous variety of foods and an insight into the continent’s varied cultures. Alkebulan (pronounced al-kee-boulan) is the oldest name for Africa and translating to ‘Mother of Mankind’ or ‘Garden of Eden’. Chef Smalls says, “Bringing a piece of Africa to Expo 2020 is not only a dream come true, but also an opportunity to showcase the rich diversity that makes African cuisine unique from region to region. Food and music are both instrumental to our culture, and Alkebulan is a place that marries the two, welcoming visitors from around the world to be immersed in our flavours and traditions.”