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Bermuda’s African Diaspora Heritage Trail

This trail is comprised of more than 60 historical landmarks across the island, paying homage to the ancestors who built the country with their blood, sweat, and tears. While some may not know Bermuda’s history or the significant contributions that enslaved people made to the island nation, the country’s former Minister of Tourism– the late David Allen— knew that preserving the history was necessary. Cobbs Hill Methodist Church, built by enslaved people in the moonlight, is a building on the trail worth noting. In the town of St. George, the island’s oldest town, several sites are marked for Black Americans and Black Bermudians who went on to become trailblazers and history makers. Another man worth mentioning is Mr. Pilot Darrell, an enslaved man who would become one of the first Black Bermudians to own property, even when it was still illegal to do so.