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Benin, where Innovation and Recycling Meet

BloLab, a startup in Benin is turning plastic jerricans into computers using recycled components and distributing them to the public at a low cost. Arthur Dadjo is a student in Cotonou Benin, where innovation and recycling meet. For the past year, he has been using a computer he built himself. It is made from a plastic jerrycan, recycled materials and parts from an old or broken computer to build what would become the computer’s motherboard and hard drive. The second objective is to stimulate creativity in children. He says when they learn to do these “Jerrys,” they also learn how to solve problems they are confronted with in their environment, using the material or the means they have at their disposal. Experts believe that the computer is increasingly an indispensable working tool and that initiatives such as BloLab’s should be encouraged.