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Beaufort West Doing All It Can To Prevent Taps Running Dry – Mayor

The Karoo town of Beaufort West is still in the grips of its worst drought ever.

The region has been hit hard by the water crisis since last year.

The town’s mayor, Noel Constable, said that they were doing all they could to avert a situation where the taps ran dry.

The main damn supplying Beaufort West with water was at 25%.

Constable said that the town has always had water issues but in recent years, the situation had worsened to levels never seen before.

“We still have 40 boreholes but only 31 of them recovered from that rain, so we’re still in a stage 3 tariff system but the community of Beaufort West worked very well.”

Constable said that they were investing in boreholes and water treatment plants.

The municipality was also keeping strict water restrictions in place.