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Bathabile Dlamini Over Zuma Arrest Warrant: ‘Its A Day Of Shame’

Bathabile Dlamini Over Zuma Arrest Warrant: ‘Its A Day Of Shame’

African National Congress Women’s League (ANCWL) president Bathabile Dlamini is the latest to lash out over the warrant of arrest issued for former President Jacob Zuma, calling it a day of shame.

On Tuesday, Zuma failed to pitch up in the Pietermaritzburg High Court for his pre-trial conference for his corruption case.

His legal team presented an apparent sick note to the court, however, Judge Dhaya Pillay questioned whether it was even written by a real doctor.

A pensioner, a struggle hero, a victim of those who want to turn his head into a trophy, a man stripped of his dignity rights and humanity.

This is the picture Dlamini has painted of Zuma in a statement in which she attacked the judiciary following the warrant of arrest issued against him.

The Women’s League president has once again rallied around Zuma, saying the warrant was a tool of intimidation executed by the judiciary, which she claimed was butchering his rights with a mini cabal of family and friends of politicians who have an axe to grind.

Dlamini said that given his age, the 77-year-old statesman reacts differently to an illness and would take longer to recover.

She said that evil white establishment needed a scapegoat to rewrite the history and was using Zuma to do just that, with viciousness and hatred.

Dlamini asked whether the judge would believe Zuma was ill when he was pushed into court on a stretcher.

But not everyone agreed with Dlamini. Criticism continued to pour in after Zuma on Thursday published a photo of himself on Twitter, holding what appears to be a rifle resting on a quad bike.

The president didn’t caption the provocative image.


Supporters of Zuma have called for an investigation into Judge Pillay after she issued an arrest warrant for the former statesman.

Now a group calling itself the Radical Economic Champions claimed Zuma was being victimised by captured judges.

The group’s spokesperson Nkosentsha Shezi said they would lead a mass movement aimed at making judges account.

“It is time that we drive an intensive programme to screen and subject these very same judges to top-secret security checks. Judges’ phones and emails must be open to scrutiny.”