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Basic Education Department Ready To Welcome Teachers and Pupils Back

The Department of Basic Education said that they were ready to welcome teachers, staff and pupils back to school.

Inland provinces are expected to return to school on Wednesday, while pupils in coastal areas will only resume a week later.

The Basic Education Department said that it was ready for the resumption of learning, adding that health and safety protocols remained in place, with social distancing, washing of hands, and sanitising being the basic hygiene practices that must still be adhered to.

The department said that schools would continue to apply the rotational learning system.

Department spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga said it was all systems go: “We are ready. We did a readiness check late last year and this time around with teachers going back it’s just to ensure that all protocols are put in place and all lesson plans are also arranged.”

Last week, the department said the process for late registrations would commence on Wednesday and has encouraged parents and guardians to log on to the website, adding that only schools with capacity would be availed on the system.