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Banjul Wants Washington to Answer for Mysterious Death

The Gambia has demanded the US investigate the police killing one of its citizens, a former UN diplomat’s son. The shooting of Lamin Sisay, 39, in Atlanta last week prompted anger in the Gambian community, who have described it as another example of the police brutality against black Americans that has prompted country-wide protests in the wake of the death of George Floyd. The Gambian foreign ministry said on Tuesday it wants a “transparent, credible and objective investigation on the matter”.  The Georgia Bureau of Investigations said police opened fire on Sisay after a car chase that ended with him firing a handgun at the officers, but that version of events has been rejected by family and friends, who have asked for eyewitnesses to come forward. Sisay’s father Lare, a former UN employee and Gambian diplomat, told Gambian reporters that he is waiting for the results of an autopsy, but made clear his doubts of the official account about the escalation from a routine traffic stop to his son being shot multiple times.