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Bain & Co Banned From Working With UK Government

The UK has acted against global consultancy firm Bain & Company by banning the controversial firm from receiving government contracts for three years..

Governments can no longer turn a blind eye to the brazen corruption and looting in the private sector by the infamous Gupta family, under President Jacob Zuma in South Africa.

So said British politician and anti-apartheid fighter, Lord Peter Hain, in the wake of the UK government’s decision to suspend global management consulting firm Bain & Company from public contracts.

Last year, Hain wrote to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson demanding that the UK and US governments freeze all state contracts with Bain and bar them from entering any new contracts.

Hain’s plea follows the Zondo Commission’s enquiry into State Capture, which revealed the grand scale of money-laundering and fraud involving taxpayers’ money during the tenure of Zuma, through UK banks.

The commission found that Bain had conspired and colluded with Zuma and former South African Revenue Service (Sars) head Tom Moyane to undermine the capabilities of the revenue service, in exchange for R164 million.