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Authorities Investigate Cause Of Death Of 4 Children In Motherwell

Forensic tests will be done to determine what caused the deaths of four children who allegedly consumed a toxic substance.

The children – aged between 3 and 11 – were playing at a dumping site in Motherwell on Sunday when they apparently ate food they’d found.

Police say the children were rushed to hospital after they fell ill.

Three-year-old Alunamda Mqawu died upon arrival at a health care facility in Motherwell.

His 10-year-old sister Zintle, and another pair of siblings – 5-year-old Alizwa and 11-year-old Asive Rhwayibana – died while receiving medical treatment.

A fifth child, 7-year-old Asiphile Grootboom, was later also hospitalised with similar symptoms, but survived.

Police say the children were playing close to their homes and ate food found in the rubble.

Officers will only be able to establish the cause of death after post-mortems.