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AU Watches Helplessly as Ethiopia Goes into War

The African Union called for an end to hostilities in the Northern Tigray region of Ethiopia, where the nations Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, is currently in conflict with regional authorities of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). Thousands of Ethiopians fleeing conflict in the northern Tigray region have crossed west into neighbouring Sudan, a Sudanese government official said. Among those streaming across the border were several Ethiopian soldiers, Alsir Khaled, head of Sudan’s refugee agency in the eastern border town of Kassala, said on Tuesday. At least 2,500 refugees were counted in the past two days, but hundreds more civilians arriving were yet to be processed by authorities, he added. Local authorities said they have started to prepare a refugee camp for the fleeing Ethiopians, while aid groups warned of a brewing humanitarian crisis in the heart of the Horn of Africa.