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At the Edge of the Sahara, a New Model for Refined Regenerative Tourism is being Trailblazed

Tizkmoudine – the name of the village where this hotel of the same name sits – represents an elevated approach to immersive hospitality with a clear legacy. This is thanks to French anti-hotelier-hotelier Thierry Teyssier partnering with non-profit organisation Global Heritage Fund. Teyssier has long been regarded as a hospitality visionary; now he’s a visionary on a mission. The Parisian-born creative behind Dar Ahlam, one of the most astonishing hotels of the last 20 years, is inviting travellers to get close to a Berber community in the ruins of an ancient desert village. Here, amid the scent of raw earth, everything you see, touch, and feel, is true to these geocoordinates. Authentic cultural experiences are constantly peddled in travel – yet, in truth, these ventures rarely feel representative. Tizkmoudine is akin to a UNESCO World Heritage monument – but with pockets of this ancient labyrinth lightly dusted with a magic touch. So gentle is the development and restoration that there’s not even proper electricity or plumbing — that’s the charm.