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At Least 84 Murders In Ct Since Mid-December, Claims ACDP

The African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) said there have been at least 84 murders in the Cape Town metro since the middle of December.

In reaction to the fatal shooting of 5-year-old Lavender Hill boy Valentino Grootetjie, the party called for extra scrutiny when it came to granting murder suspects bail.

Valentino Grootetjie’s alleged killers are expected to apply for bail during their next court appearance next month.

The ACDP has called on the police and the courts to keep suspects detained when they’ve been arrested on murder charges.

ACDP Member of Parliament Marie Sukers: “Withholding bailing is one of the ways of keeping our communities safer and ensuring that our communities are not vulnerable to reprisal through speaking out.”

On request for the SAPS to confirm the number of murders, officials said that due to a moratorium, crime statistics could not be confirmed or released.