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Ashley in Afrika is a Beacon of Hope for Professionals, Families and Entrepreneurs Looking to Establish a Life in Africa 

Ashley inspires people to think beyond what they’ve been told on how to live their lives. Instead, she educates them to see how they can build the life they want to live. Her services are helping to facilitate the travel, relocation and business expansion aspirations of the African Diaspora into a reality. Ashley’s journey started on a less-than-ideal note. She didn’t have the support or funds to study abroad through her university. Coupled with a sense that global exploration wasn’t within her reach, it seemed like traveling was not going to be in the cards for her. Ashley’s extensive travels, spanning over 12 countries, laid the foundation for her agency’s mission to empower the African Diaspora. Ashley drew from her own experience of feeling like a “minority” in her home country of the United States. She realized that embracing her power and supporting others was crucial to her own survival.