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Ashish Thakkar: #FormerRefugee #SerialEntrepreneur #Mentor #Farmer

He’s being called “Africa’s Youngest Billionaire,” but there are no airs and graces when he sits down to talk to after his panel discussion on Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Africa at Columbia University’s Africa Economic Forum. Ashish’s story is an inspiring, made-for-movie one. Though he was born in the United Kingdom, his roots in Africa run four generations deep. “It’s where I’m from. My family has been there for over 100 years,” says the 31-year old when I ask what Africa means to him. “There’s a real sense of belonging,” he adds. Before he was born, Ashish’s family had to leave Uganda when then-president Idi Amin ordered the expulsion of the country’s Asian minority. The Thakkar’s went to the UK before returning to the continent in the early 90s. Rwanda became home, but not for long. Again they were forced to flee because of the genocide and were refugees for a few weeks before returning to a more stable Uganda.