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As Far as Benin Experiences Go, the “Venice of Africa”, is a Must-visit                            

Ganvie is an ancient stilt village full of “watermen” – people who have adapted to living in the shallow waters and islands of Lake Nokoue. Originally, this village traces back to the transatlantic slave trade when the Tofinu people fled the main lands to seek refuge on an isolated body of water to avoid being stolen into slavery by Fon warriors. The Fon are a tribe in Benin who were infamously known to be slave hunters during that time. If you’re drawn to odd obscure sites that are out of the ordinary, Ouidah is definitely for you. You can go to the Temple of Pythons where tons of pythons slither around in preparation for voodoo rituals. If you would like to have mementos of your Benin trip, stop by the Artisanal Centre to buy some trinkets and souvenirs. If you would like to make the most out of shopping in Benin, visit the Grand Marché du Dantokpa.