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Arsenal’s Arteta Says Honest Opinions, Emotions Needed Despite FA Charge

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Honest opinions and authentic emotional reactions from coaches are good for the sport, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta said on Friday after being charged by the English FA for his comments on refereeing.

Arteta was charged last week for calling the video assistant referee’s decision not to overturn Anthony Gordon’s goal in Arsenal’s 1-0 defeat to Newcastle United on Nov. 4 an embarrassment and a disgrace.

“I have been here 20 years and I have supported the league, the players, the referees and I have promoted the game always in the best possible manner,” Arteta told reporters in London ahead of Saturday’s game at Brentford.

“And I expect that if we want to continue to do that you have to give your opinion.

“We live the game with emotion … it has to happen, you have to react. Let’s sit here … on mute and let’s see if the game is that interesting. It won’t (be). In a very respectful way, it’s impossible.”

He said any instructions from the FA to moderate the behaviour of players and coaches during a game should be specific.

“What do we expect from each other? … They tell me these three things are going to help, believe me, I will try my best to help. But it has to be detailed,” he said.

“Don’t talk globally about one situation and one day and three months later … because then we have to go to the historics of what we all say, how we all behave. Because I can be really good now because of it, but two years ago?”

Arteta said he had written to the FA explaining his perspective on the incident that led to the charge.

“It is good that we are communicating and we all want to improve the game. Referees, managers, officials, sporting directors, journalists, we all want a better game,” he added.

Arsenal are a point behind leaders Manchester City as they visit 11th-placed Brentford on Saturday.