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Applications have Opened for the Space-Tech Challenge 2020

The programme will identify and develop the most promising new innovators, entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses in the space-tech sector across Africa. Space-Tech applications use earth observation to gather information about the physical, chemical and biological systems of the planet via remote-sensing technologies. Such tech has seen a surge in demand for these applications across a wide range of industries. The Space-Tech Challenge will identify and develop startups in this space, specifically targeting downstream space-tech applications across agriculture, insurance, retail, sustainability and conservation. Participants will receive the opportunity to showcase to a global audience at GEO Week, an intergovernmental earth observation conference; industry links and market access through ZASpace and partners; screening for investment by Anza Capital; o-month business development support through the Research Institute for Innovation & Sustainability; the opportunity to pitch to judges and industry representatives during final pitching den; and the provision of ortho-ready satellite imagery from Maxar’s archive.