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Anthony Nti’s ‘Da Yie’ Has Become a Hit in Festival Circuits

It’s been an exciting ride for the debut shot for young Ghanaian filmmaker, Anthony Nti. At festival after festival, the twenty minute thriller has been sweeping the awards and came ever so close to an Oscar nomination. Telling the story of a dangerous day in the life of some Ghanaian children, the film is striking chords with audiences and shining a light on the plight of disadvantaged children. Nti who was born and raised in Ghana before moving to Belgium wrote and filmed Da Yie (Twi for Good night) as his graduate school project. Partly autobiographical, the film’s building blocks arise from Nti’s recollections of growing up in the economically disadvantaged town of Madina located along the Ghanaian coast. Two unattended kids are playing football when an adult man pulls up and entices them to get in his car. Da Yie follows the three of them as the adult takes the kids on a tour of the scenic coastal scene, giving them an experience that could very well be described as the best day of their lives.