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Another European State Approaches Rwanda about Taking Over its Migrants

Denmark is in talks with Rwanda about setting up a scheme to transfer asylum seekers to Rwanda in a copy-cat of the one announced by Britain last week. ‘Our dialogue with the Rwandan government includes a mechanism for the transfer of asylum seekers…The deal aims to ‘ensure a more dignified approach than the network of human traffickers that characterises migration in the Mediterranean today,’ said Immigration Minister Mattias Tesfaye. Denmark has not yet struck a deal with Rwanda, the minister said, but a high-level meeting on the issue will take place on Thursday next week. It comes after the UK government last week announced plan to send so-called ‘Channel Migrants’ arriving on dinghies across the English Channel to Rwanda. Details of the scheme are sparse, but the government has said any person arriving in the UK could be sent offshore depending on the ‘strength of their claim’ and their method of arrival. Once sent to Rwanda, they will be subject to the immigration laws of that country and would have no automatic right to return to Britain.