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Another Big Jump In Recorded Covid-19 Infections

Eighty-eight more people have died after contracting COVID-19 in South Africa, with the Western Cape accounting for the majority of fatalities.

There’s also been more than 3,000 new infections in the last 24-hour cycle.

This means South Africa has recorded 73,533 cases of the virus over the past three months.

The latest numbers show that 73 people who contracted COVID-19 died in the Western Cape over the past 24-hour cycle.

Nine others died in the Eastern Cape, while six people passed away in Gauteng.

The death toll has risen to 1,568 and the mortality rate is consistent at 2.1%.

The Western Cape accounts for 60% of all the cases in the country, with more than 44,000 positive tests.

Gauteng accounts for 17% of the confirmed cases with 12,193 infections, followed by the Eastern Cape which has more than 10,000 cases

The Eastern Cape has, however, the second highest fatality rate with 236 people who have died after contracting COVID-19.