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Angola is Taking a Big Step in its Digital Transformation Journey

The government recently announced a new $89 million project to construct a unified national cloud that offers several services. The project includes building two data centres and updating an existing centre, which will be linked by a fibre optic ring. Once completed by Q1 2024, the centres will provide high-speed internet connectivity to all government departments and help unify data from all ministerial departments. The goal of this project is to transfer all data centre silos from different ministerial departments into a single unified location. This will make all of the data safe and easily accessible. According to André Pedro, the director of the National Institute for the Promotion of the Information Society (INFOSI), the project will also offer a secure environment for citizens’ data and increase the availability of electronic services. One side effect of this move is that INFOSI will no longer issue the .ao domain for users once the project is completed. Instead, it will issue licences to companies for that purpose. This project is crucial because any company or organisation that depends on technology needs data centres to function optimally.