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ANC’s Renewal ‘Irrevocable’ And ‘Irreversible’ – Ramaphosa

African National Congress (ANC) president Cyril Ramaphosa said that the party’s renewal was not a one-day event, as he used his address at the national executive committee (NEC) meeting to respond to former President Thabo Mbeki’s criticism that there’s been no attempt to renew the organisation.

Ramaphosa, without making mention of Mbeki during his closing address at the three-day meeting on Monday night, said that the ANC’s mission to renew itself was irreversible.

Last week, Mbeki accused the ANC of undermining its own legitimacy as he bemoaned views from the public that the ANC had betrayed the country.

But Ramaphosa insists that the renewal of the ANC was not reversible.

“There are times where we will take five steps forward and three back,” Ramaphosa said.

The ANC president defended the party’s renewal project, which was agreed upon in 2017 and re-affirmed at the party’s national conference last year.

He said that the ANC’s commitment to renew itself was something that cannot be reversed.

Ramaphosa insisted that the process of unifying and renewing the party was firmly underway.

“It is irrevocable and it is irreversible as well. Renewal should never be seen as a one-day event, it is a continuous process.”

Ramaphosa also praised this week’s NEC meeting, which he said was underpinned by a great spirit of camaraderie and exchange of views.