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ANC Wants Zuma Expelled From The Party

Derek Hanekom, former chair of the ANC’s disciplinary committee, claimed the party had no choice but to dismiss former President Jacob Zuma.

Zuma said over the weekend that he will not vote for the ruling party in next year’s elections.

Instead, he backed a new party called Umkhonto we Sizwe, which was named after the ANC’s armed wing.

However, the former statesman persisted on remaining an ANC member, characterizing his decision as an attempt to save the ruling party.

However, Hanekom stated that the ANC’s constitution prohibits members from campaigning for an organization that opposes the party.

“At this time, Zuma has not been convicted of such offenses.” “However, if he is convicted, he will be ineligible to continue to be a member of the ANC,” Hanekom explained.

“There’s no other sanction other than expulsion if he is found guilty of that particular misdemeanour.”