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ANC Threatens Action Over NEC Audio Leaks

The ANC says it will deal with the leaking of information and internal discussions.

Party spokesperson Pule Mabe says a legal team is looking into the matter.

According to Mabe, the party is concerned about the growing tendency of leaking private discussions of the organisation.

They include a clip of former president Thabo Mbeki asking the executive to reflect on the state of the governing party, and the allegations about the way it is implementing the contentious step-aside resolution.

“The case in point is the leaking of digital information to a digital social media platform referred to as ‘Inside Factor’ that has appointed itself, given itself the task of giving as-it-happens updates of the National Executive Committee,” says Mabe.

“We are aware that they are given information by their own proxies to further a nefarious task of dividing the ANC,” he adds.

He goes on to say that the leaking of discussions seeks to create a particular narrative that goes against the united spirit displayed by the meeting of the NEC currently underway,” says Mabe.

Mabe says that the party’s legal team says that are looking into the leaks including the dissemination of ANC NEC materials across social media platforms.