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ANC Reaffirms Support For Zondo Commission

The ANC supports the state capture inquiry and wants attacks on the judiciary to stop.  

The late-night National Executive Committee statement from Monday night affirmed this position but stopped short of directly naming former president Jacob Zuma.  

He continues to defy court orders and launches regular attacks on the inquiry and the courts.   

Zuma’s antics could cost him but he’s made it clear he doesn’t fear the consequences. 

Political analyst Prince Mashele said his expectation is that Zuma is going to be jailed.

ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe said: “We have also urged our members to desist from attacking the judiciary. The ANC supports the judiciary and its independence.”

Mashele says there is a method in the madness of not directly naming Zuma. 

Zuma maintains the inquiry is nothing but a political attack aimed at destroying his good name.