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ANC NEC Meets, Parties Eagerly Await As Moment Of Truth Nears

As the first session of the 7th Parliament approaches, political parties involved in coalition negotiations are briefing their respective organizations on Thursday.

This comes before Friday’s session, where the election of the speakers of the National Assembly and various legislatures, as well as the president and premiers, is scheduled.

The ANC’s top governing body, the National Executive Committee, is convening in Cape Town.

Parties engaged in discussions with the ANC are keenly awaiting the outcomes of Thursday’s NEC meeting.

Eyewitness News reports that among the topics for the ANC to consider are proposals to appoint between 8 and 9 Democratic Alliance (DA) ministers, distribute committee leadership roles in parliament, and determine which party will nominate the next Speaker of Parliament.

Despite these plans, there is some resistance within the ANC regarding its decision to collaborate with the DA, prompting discussions about forming a Government of National Unity.

There is also speculation that some ANC members may oppose the nomination of a DA speaker, potentially allowing a smaller party to secure the position.